Monday, June 15, 2009


For this Father's day, I am preparing to help my kids honor the wonderful Dad in our home, my husband Sterling Baer. He has done amazing things to inspire and lead the way for our 6 children.
But for this blog, I want to honor my own father, Vince Wood, a wonderful Dentist from Northern Calif who loved to hear me sing Karen Carpenter tunes back in High School. He is the one who really encouraged me to sing, following in the footsteps of my Mother, who has an amazing natural contralto solo voice. He also sang in Music Theatre and Men's Quartet groups, but deferred to my Mom for the stronger talent. I think they made a great musical match and I was so happy to be able to finally record a Carpenters number on this last album,
You're Worth It All
I want to dedicate it to him. He will be enjoying it from the more heavenly realms where I'm sure they have a beyond awesome surround sound system!

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