Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deseret Book Ladies Night and Constitution Ed Week in UT

What a fun trip to UT in October. I just got the pictures back and had to share a few. I had the chance to sing at the Constitution Education Week in Orem and met the most amazing folks. Great politicians running for office, fabulous presenters who know their stuff on the founding principles of this country and wonderful folks who want to make a difference in their communities. I sang a great arrangement of 2 verses of the Star Spangled Banner, arranged by my friend, Richard Talbot and many other patriotic tunes. I also had the chance to give an hour presentation on Hope and how it can we can build on it every day in our lives.
I went over Conference weekend, so I also got to attend a small Wood reunion for family history and met some new relatives. The Afternoon session of conference was awesome and I got to sit in the conference center with my son Brian and Devin. Sat night during the Priesthood session, I drove up to Logan to sing at the Deseret Book Ladies night. It was jam packed full of women and I sang for about 2 hours and shared some 'stories behind the songs'. All in all it was a great weekend in Utah.

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