Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amazing EVMCO Concert with Collin Raye!

Patriotic Music is so inspiring! But with 250 children, 75 in the orchestra and 220 voice choir, with Collin Raye on a microphone, we rocked the house. The house was the Mesa Arts center and it was nearly packed. Brought to tears on Battle Hymn of the Republic, which normally seems like the same old, same old kinda song, and with bagpipes on Amazing Grace, it was also a teary moment.
I had the chance to announce for the beginning and for the military tribute, so I just felt it all the more. My hubby Sterling and daughter Marisa both sing in the choir as well, so it was a family affair the whole day, with rehearsal from 2pm...then going until 9:30pm. Marathon music days.I have to say I thrive on those marathon Music days...except for my feet. They didn't do so well. Need to change the shoes I wear in concerts or I'm not going to make it through the recording sessions next week in Salt Lake City for Messiah in America!

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