Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amazing EVMCO Concert with Collin Raye!

Patriotic Music is so inspiring! But with 250 children, 75 in the orchestra and 220 voice choir, with Collin Raye on a microphone, we rocked the house. The house was the Mesa Arts center and it was nearly packed. Brought to tears on Battle Hymn of the Republic, which normally seems like the same old, same old kinda song, and with bagpipes on Amazing Grace, it was also a teary moment.
I had the chance to announce for the beginning and for the military tribute, so I just felt it all the more. My hubby Sterling and daughter Marisa both sing in the choir as well, so it was a family affair the whole day, with rehearsal from 2pm...then going until 9:30pm. Marathon music days.I have to say I thrive on those marathon Music days...except for my feet. They didn't do so well. Need to change the shoes I wear in concerts or I'm not going to make it through the recording sessions next week in Salt Lake City for Messiah in America!


The Pageant this year was again a spectacular experience. With over 350 in the cast and almost as many in the production staff, it is like a working family for one month. The spirit on the grounds is so sweet and strong as we get ready to tell the story of our Savior Jesus Christ's life and mission. I loved walking around in costume and randomly picking a person to talk to before the performance and share my love for the Lord and how being in the production has given me a better insight into his life. Visiting with others, I often shared the story of how, as Peter's first accuser in the pageant where he denies the Christ, I have to play a difficult part. But I expressed the understanding I have gained that God knows each of us would sin, over and over again in this mortal world. He knows we will. Do we forget this? And yes, this is exactly why he lovingly provided a Savior for us. And that is why we are drawn to our Lord and Savior, because he has done for us what none of us can do for ourselves. We can never repay him but can show we love him by using his atonement and trying again to keep his commandments.
As I shared this short message amidst the 10-15,000 people that came each night, I was surrounded by noise and people bustling to get to their seats for the show. But each time I got to the part of my Love for the Lord and knowledge that I know He lives, it seemed like everything around us was gone...and only the couple or person I was talking to were there with me...and it was still and sweet. I could feel and see on their faces that they felt that way too. The spirit indeed comes and ratifies the truth when we share it with others. I know He lives and loves each of us. The pageant is an opportunity to be a little part of a pageant that sweetly and plainly shares this truth with all who will listen.