Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family and Patriotism

Yes, I am proud to be an American. And you can see I've been singing at a lot of Patriotic events in the past 3 months. The picture of my me and my husband, Sterling and 3 of our children was at a special Family Watch event in Gilbert, AZ where several UN delegates were in attendance. The other pictures show me singing the National Anthem for several Conservative groups around the state. Shane Krauser, pictured above, is the main speaker for the American Academy for Constitutional Education and I am privileged to be able to travel and perform at the events where he is speaking. He is a great American and Patriot that is committed to helping us take back our country by holding our leaders accountable to the Constitutional Principles they have taken an oath to uphold. So, I have now recorded new patriotic songs...if you want to get them, email me at

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